Architecture and fashion have the same purpose: that is both of them must bring protection, express identity such politic, religious, cultural, personal.

arquitectura 3 arquitectura 4

Fashion and architecture also express space ideas, volume, and movement. Also have the same characteristic for how to use materials. That is recreate a from plane surfaces, a complex three dimensional shapes. Think about what technology could produce, such a new dimensions we don’t know today.

The architecture can express trends of an époque frequently related with social interests, change of technology. Technology also will produce new materials and techniques for production.

Here we can afford environment, use of recycle materials, new techniques sewing garments will probably be made in a different way, can be for example by heat fusion.

So designers probably have to learn how to construct a garment of the future.

You can see the similitude with an Image produced by a stalactite cave with a Gaudi architecture forms.

You only have to observe Gaudi’s work and his interest on natural world, and costumes and artistic movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that belonged to his works.


From this similitude designers could explore more and more to have enough info that can research. With that information research by designers they began to outline shapes, lines, and ideas translated strokes. Designers draw also with sketches, fabric materials, accessories, also trimmings.

All of these recollected materials could be selected for recreate a culture.

Those forms could be represented on patterns created inspired on nature architecture. Nature is such a perfect form that of course inspired to recreate.

Today patterns prints on fabrics allow infinite possibilities.

Patterns could also be performed by digital processing, the use of drawing by hand, and the infinite effects to human technology can produce.


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